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Aged Care Massage

Massage, Wellness & Pampering

Along with sending flowers to your loved one, send them the gift of beauty spa in their own home: hair care, nails, hair removal, facials, or a massage therapy.

Marcelle Mobile Massage’s service is aimed specifically at people who lack mobility or opportunity to travel to a massage therapist or a hair salon. They offer sessions in private homes, retirement villages, aged care facilities, hospitals or wherever you are staying. The team supports both the able bodied elderly as well as the frail and bedridden or those who can only get up for a short while. It gives the opportunity to connect and talk to someone while you are in hospital, home care or alone at home. Careful massage can help provide the elderly with symptomatic relief and enable seniors to extend the vitality in their lives.

The massages is done in the comfort of your chair and you can remain fully clothed. We do have massage tables or even a mat, but the massages can be customised to suit you. The massages are very gentle, so you will not be in pain or get hurt.

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